"We cleanse all the time if we eat properly, because that enables our bodies to function optimally."
                                                                                                                     - Joel Furhman


It takes almost 18 hours for our bodies to digest one meal, and when the body is freed from the burden of digesting solid food it can more efficiently release the toxins swimming in our system. The objective of our cleanse program is to replace all meals and snacks with juices made from organic fruit and vegetables. The juice cleanse we offer lasts 3-7 days or more. You will experience a much-needed rest from your regular diet, which may consist of less than ideal eating habits.


Our featured menu is always fresh and always seasonal. Each day of your cleanse consists of six bottled juices, every one of them packed with a distinct purpose. The cleanse package will provide wholesome nutrition, tons of vitamins, and countless beneficial living enzymes.





When starting a juice cleanse, you will need to take certain measures to prepare. To ease your way into a cleanse, start by cutting back on certain foods a few days in advance. First eliminate caffeine, alcohol, grains, processed foods and animal products from your diet. Incorporate more raw foods, focusing on juice and fruit directly leading up to your cleanse. It is also important to drink plenty of water.


The first few days of your cleanse may be tough. It's normal to experience slight headaches, blemishes, sensations of hunger, and more frequent trips to the restroom. Soon, you will start to feel lighter and have more energy since your body will not be expending energy to digest solids. The juices you drink will function to replace the nutrients usually consumed in your diet, while detoxifying and repairing your immune system.





The key is to begin by slowly re-incorporating solids into your diet, starting with easily digestible foods like those you consumed to prepare for the cleanse. No two people will have the exact same sensations following a fast, but it is not uncommon to have a diminished desire for food after completing a cleanse. Fruit is highly recommended, as are light soups and smoothies with protein which will help to stimulate hunger. It is essential to continue drinking plenty of fluids, regardless of hunger levels. 


Now that you have successfully completed your juice cleanse, you have a great opportunity not to fall back into old, negative eating habits. Some have reported that the foods they crave are different from what they typically consumed before cleansing. Certain unhealthy foods may be less appealing and you are more likely to crave clean foods, as your taste buds have adjusted to more wholesome nutrition while consuming juice exclusively. Some have also reported that they have kicked caffeine addictions as a result of cleansing.